Fiji international Iosefo Verevou banned for six games over transfer fiasco

Controversial Fiji striker Iosefo Verevou has been banned for six games over his on-off transfer from Rewa FC to Suva FC.

The 22-year-old striker, once the wonderkid of Fijian football, has also been fined $5,000 and must pay Suva FC $782 compensation before he can play football again.

The astonishing ruling came after Verevou submitted a request to join Suva FC in the Fijian transfer window. He signed a statutory declaration and was given accommodation by Suva FC.

Verevou then withdrew his request and demanded to stay at Rewa FC.

The Fiji FA has decided he benefited financially from the transfer saga and has fined the player and banned him for six games.

Fiji FA CEO Mohammad Yusuf says the Board of Control says they have found that Verevou used deceptive tactics to gain financial advantage. Yusuf added they are not penalizing Rewa but Verevou.

The bizarre transfer turnaround is the latest controversial moment in the career of the talented striker, who made his Rewa debut at the age of just 14 and scored an historic goal for Fiji in a 3-0 victory over Honduras in the 2015 u20 FIFA World Cup.

He also scored on his international debut for Fiji but rumoured indiscipline has stalled his career. Last year Fiji coach Christopher Gamel declared he was overweight and he missed Fiji’s double-header against New Zealand in January.

Despite this Verevou is a talented footballer and has ten caps for the national team.

He will remain at Rewa FC but must pay his compensation fee before he can return. He will also be ineligible for six games as part of his punishment.


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