Fiji Premier League fixtures, results and scorers for 2018

The Fiji Vodafone Premier League 2018 kicks off on 14 January with eight teams competing for the title.

Sponsors Vodafone have put up $200,000 for the tournament to take place and each team will play 14 games on their way to the title.
The top two teams will qualify for the 2019 Oceania Champions League.

A transfer window will open in the first week of the season and Champions League qualifiers Lautoka and Ba will probably use the opportunity to strengthen for the continental test.

Fiji Vodafone Premier League fixtures

Week 1 – 14/01/18

Lautoka 5 -1 Tavua
Lautoka scorers: Christopher Wasasala (2), Pranil Naidu, Siotame Kubu, Samuela Drudru
Kolinio Sivoki missed penalty.
Tavua scorer: Unknown

Rewa 2-3 Suva
Suva scorers: Setareki Hughes, Kaliova Tivulu, Bruce Hughes
Rewa scorers: Jonetani Buksh, Tevita Waranivalu

Nadi 3-1 Ba FC
Nadi scorers: Ame Votonui (2), Napolioni Qasevakatini
Ba scorer: Samuela Nabenia

Week 2

Rewa 0-0 Nadi

Week 3

Nadi 2-1 Labasa
Nadi scorers: Napolioni Qasevakatini, Rusiate Matarerega

Lautoka 2-0 Rewa
Lautoka scorers: Vuniki Tikomaimereke (OG), Zibraaz Saheb

Nadi 6-1 Dreketi
Nadi scorers: Josefata Dugucagi, Andrew Naicker, Rusiate Matarerega , William Valentine
Dreketi scorer: Inia Vetaikula

Week 4

Tavua 1-0 Nadi
Tavua scorer: Vilitali Kautoga

Lautoka 2-1 Suva
Lautoka scorer: Benjamin Totori (2)
Suva scorer: Remueru Takiate

Labasa 3-1 Dreketi
Labasa scorers: Ratu Anare (2), Taniela Waqa
Dreketi scorer: Anish Khem

Week 5

Nadi 0-0 Suva

Dreketi 3-0 Tavua
Dreketi scorers: Inia Vetaikula, Anish Khem, Thomas Vulivuli

Rewa 0-1 Ba
Ba scorer: Abbu Zahid

Labasa 5-2 Tavua
Labasa scorers: Atonio Tuivuna (2), Ratu Anare (2), Ashnil Raju
Tavua scorers: Vilive Naulevu, Malakai Sivo

Week 6

Labasa 2-1 Ba
Labasa scorers: OG, Edwin Shayam
Ba scorer: Samuela Nabenia

Top scorers

Ratu Anare (Labasa) – 4
Ame Votonui (Nadi) – 3
Napolioni Qasevakatini (Nadi) – 2
Benjamin Totori (Lautoka) – 2
Christopher Wasasala (Labasa) – 2*
Anish Khem (Dreketi) – 2
Inia Vetaikula (Dreketi) – 2
Atonio Tuivuna (Labasa) – 2
Rusiate Matarerega (Nadi) – 2
Samuela Nabenia (Ba) – 2
Pranil Naidu (Lautoka) – 1
Siotame Kubu (Rewa) – 1*
Samuela Drudru (Lautoka) – 1
Setareki Hughes (Suva) – 1
Kaliova Tivulu (Suva) – 1
Bruce Hughes (Suva) – 1
Jonetani Buksh (Rewa) – 1
Tevita Waranivalu (Rewa) – 1
Zibraaz Saheb (Lautoka) – 1
Josefata Dugucagi (Nadi) – 1
Andrew Naicker (Nadi) – 1
William Valentine (Nadi) – 1
Remueru Takiate (Suva) – 1
Vilitali Kautoga (Tavua) – 1
Taniela Waqa (Labasa) – 1
Thomas Vulivuli (Dreketi) – 1
Abbu Zahid (Ba) – 1
Ashnil Raju (Labasa) – 1
Vilive Naulevu (Tavua) – 1
Malakai Sivo (Tavua) – 1
Edwin Shayam (Labasa) – 1

*Wasasala scored 2 goals for Lautoka, Kubu scored 1 goal for Lautoka

A guide to the league

New Zealand midfielder Zane Sole and Solomon Islands legendary striker Benjamin Totori have joined Lautoka to boost their ranks and should provide extra firepower.

Ba FC finished second but will be hoping for a first title in three years. The Men in Black have recruited a trio of Canadians from Detroit City and feature last season’s top scorer Saula Waqa.

Labasa are still awaiting the announcement of a new coach, while Suva and Rewa will hope to improve on impressive showings last year.

2015 winners Nadi will hope to improve on a 6th place finish last time round while Dreketi will want to avoid the bottom spot again.

Finally, Tuva were promoted and are the new boys to the division.


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